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Home battery storage systems consist of a power conversion system (inverter) combined with lithium-ion batteries and associated electrical control, protection and distribution devices.

xStorage Home combines power electronics from global power management leader Eaton with new or used lithium-ion batteries from Nissan Leaf electric vehicles.

It can be installed in a home as a hub for incoming and outgoing power, connecting renewable and grid power to the home and can, in some cases, even support integration with electric vehicle batteries when parked overnight.

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Eaton xStorage – Hybrid System

R135,000.00 ex VAT

Finance Option: R5000 Deposit Required

  • 36 months: R3,744.54 ex VAT
  • 48 months: R2,997.20 ex VAT
  • 60 months: R2,554.43 ex VAT

System Specs:

 Solar System 3.6kW
Solar Kit 8 x 455w Canadian solar ( 4kWp to 3.6kWp)
 Battery Storage 6kwh ( Nissan Lithium )
 Phase  Single
 Installation  Included

Eaton xStorage – Hybrid System – Backup Only

R84,000.00 ex VAT

Finance Option: R5000 Deposit Required

  • 36 months: R2,799.43 ex VAT
  • 48 months: R2,258.90 ex VAT
  • 60 months: R1,940.13 ex VAT

System Specs:

 Solar System 4.6kW
Solar Kit None
 Battery Storage 6kwh ( Nissan Lithium )
 Phase  Single
 Installation  Included

What xStorage Home can do for you

Save Money

xStorage Home can save on energy bills by using more solar and harvesting cheap off-peak electricity.

Lower your CO2 footprint

xStorage Home provides solar power storage - harvesting energy produced during the day to use morning, noon and night.

Keep the lights on

xStorage Home can provide your house with energy if the grid fails, powering your lights and security systems.

Stay Safe

xStorage Home battery systems have been developed to meet the highest electrical safety standards.

Be more energy independent

xStorage Home puts you in control of your energy, either maximising self-generated solar power, or choosing when to charge from the grid based on variable pricing tariffs.

Optimize your energy easily

Once set-up by a certified installer, the unit is ready to go and can be plugged in and powered up simply and easily.

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