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Going Solar Made Easy

Solar Power is an alternative, renewable energy source that helps make the planet greener and can also give solar powered homes and businesses great financial incentives and tax credits.

We Consult

we will listen to you attentively, analyse your current electricity bills, understand your needs, match your needs with your electricity bills and your financial goal of reducing or eliminating your electricity bill.

We Advise

We will advise you on which solar option better meets your needs. Grid Tie, Hybrid or Off Grid Solar System

We Design

We will activate our design studio – with the best solar engineers in South Africa and make them work for you for a full day. This step involves the interaction between our filed support teams and our solar engineers. The design will give you a visual representation of the recommended solution. Inverters, Solar panels, Batteries and how much energy will be generated by our system on your roof for the next 25yrs.

Municipal Approval (SSEG)

If you are in a city that require approval- we will ensure that your application is filled in a professionally and all supporting documents submitted to get quickest approval. This process is only done once you accept our proposal.

We Install

We will allocate an experienced project manager and a foreman to manage your solar installation.
Depending on project size, job is done in 8-19hours.


Once the installation is complete, your dedicated project engineer will work the installation with you and checking each component and making sure that you are happy. We have a 20 point quality assurance scoring system that you need to complete.


Your original rep will come back for final visit and make sure that you are happy and that we kept our original promise. From here on, it’s free electricity and solar savings.

How we can make cheaper
Energy from the Sun

  • Our panels can be mounted on rooftops of most commercial buildings.
  • Inverters convert this energy into the same energy supplied by the Grid.
  • A meter is installed to monitor the performance of the system and the amount of energy used.
  • The electrical panel distributes the electricity to meet the outlet’s need.
  • The grid will continue to supply the electricity that can’t come from the sun.

Curious how much you could
Save with Solar?

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