Solar Energy For Commercial

Solar Energy for Business

Get cleaner energy for your business without paying for solar panels.
Your electricity bill is based on the amount of energy used, with less use of traditional energy,
you end up saving with zero CAPEX required
No Capital Investment

There are no upfront costs for switching to solar.

Free Savings Assessment

See how much money you can save from day one

No Maintenance Costs

We take full responsibility of the system so you don’t have to. We install, insure and maintain the system.

Save the Environment

By switching to solar, you make the planet a better place with clean and renewable energy.

How we can make cheaper
Energy from the Sun

  • Our panels can be mounted on rooftops of most commercial buildings.
  • Inverters convert this energy into the same energy supplied by the Grid.
  • A meter is installed to monitor the performance of the solar system and the amount of energy used.
  • The electrical panel distributes the electricity to meet the outlet’s need.
  • The grid will continue to supply the electricity that can’t come from the sun.

Thinking About Going Solar?

We offer a complete consultation that will show you how your business can benefit from solar power.
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