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Get more power and safety for your home with Enphase Solar

With Enphase solar, you’re in control, and that’s a powerful thing. You can save money. You can manage your own energy. You can be energy independent. But none of that matters if it’s not safe. That’s why Enphase is built from the ground up with safety in mind.

Enphase & Tesla – Combo – 14kwh

R310,000 ex VAT

System Specs:

Peak Power 9kW
Solar Panel 4.3 kWp
Battery Storage 14 kwh
Phase Single
Installation Included

Enphase & Battery – Combo – 10kWh

R270,000 ex VAT

System Specs:

 Solar System  5 kw
 Solar Panel 4.5 kWp
 Battery Storage  10 kwh
 Phase  Single
 Installation  Included

Enphase Solar Grid Tie – 4.5kWp

R115,000 ex VAT

System Specs:

 Solar System  3kw
 Solar Panel 4.5kWp 
 Battery Storage  No
 Phase  Single
 Installation  Included

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